Sunday Talk 2021 #22.Lojong 6/37. Do not Make Gods into Demons. Be humble.

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Lojong 6/37.Don’t Make Gods Into Demons
This slogan refers to our general tendency to dwell on pain and go through life with constant
complaints. We should not make painful that which is inherently joyful.
At his point, you may have achieved a certain level of taming yourself. You may have
developed the tonglen practice of exchanging yourself for others and feel that your
achievement is real. But at the same time, you are so arrogant about the whole thing that
your achievement begins to become an evil intention, because you think you can show off.
In that way, dharma becomes adharma, or nondharma.

From Training the Mind & Cultivating Loving-Kindness by Chogyam Trungpa