Points to Contemplate

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Ten exhortations
A precious garland of the supreme path
By Gampopa

Contemplating the difficulty of acquiring these freedoms and resources exhort yourself to practice genuine Dharma.

Contemplating death and impermanence, exhort yourself to cultivate virtue.

Contemplating the unfailing results of actions, exhort yourself to abandon wrongdoing.

Contemplating the defects of samsara, exhort yourself to accomplish liberation.

Contemplating the sufferings of samsaric beings, exhort yourself to cultivate bodhicitta.

Contemplating the mistaken confusion of sentient beings, exhort yourself to hear and reflect.

Contemplating the difficulty of abandoning the habits of confusion, exhort yourself to practice meditation.

Contemplating the virulence of Kleshas in this age of decadence, exhort yourself to apply their remedies.

Contemplating the many unconducive conditions present in this age of decadence, exhort yourself to be patient.

Contemplating the empty waste of a human life spent in various distractions, exhort yourself to be diligent.