Since Beginningless Time we Are Living in a World of Fantasy.

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Since beginningless time we are living in a world of fantasy.

We do not see what we see, we see what we think and we distort what we think about what we see. So we are living in a world of fantasy. And then we fall in love with this fantasy and then we hate this fantasy and then we get all emotional about it.

It`s like falling in love with a character in a movie. And  then crying at the end when he or she dies. It`s not truly happening the way you see it and the way you conceive it. So the world of fantasy in which we are living is the source of all our misery. And also we are good at exporting the misery on our immediate environment. And as everybody is doing this, life is a mess.

What the Buddha offered is a possibility to think about it by asking this very basic question: “What do you want?” If you consider everybody, every sentient being – human beings, animals, everybody wants to have stable happiness and protection from suffering. This is for me the biggest mystery: Since beginningless time everybody wants to be happy, nobody wants to suffer and still we can`t make it.

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