Morning talks from Moab, Utah to Bordo, Italy.

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Conversations from afar, while being on the road. Series of questions and answers about life and meditation in a Buddhist perspective.

How can the recognition of impermanence lead to less suffering? Emile

How can I get more aware of my own mortality? Jonas

Listening to the discussion about change – and how change always gives an opportunity – from a neutral emotional state it is easy to follow. But in strong emotional states (anger, sadness) there sometimes seems to be no capacity to let go of attachment or see the other opportunities. What to do during these emotional states?

If who I am is also always and fundamentally changing throughout my life, what is then reborn?

If everyone is responsible of their own suffering, to which degree can we be responsible for the suffering of others? Lukas

Could you tell us about the training of the mind to compassion and about several antidotes, especially to aversion?

Why all these resistances for meditation? Claudia

If in Tonglen practice I inhale the dark smoke and let it dissolve in my heart this is easy for me. Does it mean that I do not get involved enough? Maik

What is your opinion about spirituality versus science? Liza

You told us about deep listening, thank you. Could you go further about dharma and human relationships, communication and especially in the context of collective living?

What about the twelve links of interdependent origination?

What if I have a resistance about the wish to go to Dewachen? I just cannot connect. What to do? Gertrud

What if I have difficulties with visualization, for example of Buddha appearing in white light? The picture appears but only for a moment and I cannot connect.

I am in this body and I am inside me but why often I feel so far away? Why is it so difficult to feel now, to be here? Where am I if I am not here now?

How to be in love and have no expectations?

What is sadness? Jonas