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I also find myself much preoccupied with the question of, what should occupy this stage of my life, and where should I be or go? Can you please give me some insights on these?

Wherever you are doesn’t matter compare to how you are there.

What to do is your question?

– Be here

– Sit as often as you can and watch the succession of thoughts without engaging in a conversation with them.

– Follow your breath until the mind is able to do the previous point.

– In this silence and awareness feel the space, ease and clarity.

– When you lose it, relax and come back to the previous point.

– It takes its own sweet time, be patient.

– Cultivate unconditionally your garden of equanimity, love, compassion and joy.

– Whenever you can, at your own scale, be generous, ethical (no harm, humbly help), patient, joyful in effort and stable.

– Cultivate discernment, seeing beyond your habits and biases.

– Share joyfully the goodness for the greater good of all sentient beings.

– Be well and let the flower of your Buddha nature come to flourish.