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How To Make A Portrait Of A Bird

First paint a cage with an open door, then paint something pretty, something simple, something beautiful, something useful for the bird.

Then place the canvas within a tree in a garden, in a wood or in a forest, hide behind the tree without saying anything without moving an inch…

Sometimes the bird arrives quickly but he can also take many years before deciding, do not become discouraged, wait, wait for years if you have to, the speed or the sluggishness of the bird’s arrival has no effect on the outcome of your painting.

When the bird arrives if it arrives keep the most profound silence, wait for the bird to enter the cage and when he is inside gently close the door with the paintbrush.

Then erase all of the bars one by one while taking care not to touch any of the bird’s feathers, then do the tree’s portrait choosing the most beautiful branch for the bird.

Paint the greenery and the freshness of the wind as well, the spray of the sun, and the noise of the animals in the grass in the heat of summer and then wait for the bird to decide to sing.

If the bird doesn’t sing it’s a bad sign, it’s a sign that your painting is bad but if it sings it’s a good sign it’s a sign that you can sign the painting.

Then you very gently pluck one of the bird’s feathers and you write your name in a corner of the canvas.