A Life In Peace

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Seven points of mind training

Chapter Three

When beings and the world are filled with evil, convert adversities into the path of awakening

Due to their self-clinging and negative actions, living beings (and therefore the world) are filled with evil. You should call to mind that suffering is the maturing and passing of bad karma. Since the results of your own actions always ripen on you, it is better to deal with them now as best you can and be done with them.

Hold one fault accountable for all misfortunes

That one fault is ego clinging. It is the root cause of negativities. Whenever you suffer in negative circumstances or have conflicts with people finger pointing usually arouses more negative emotions and adds negative karma to your store, so don’t waste time assigning blame to others or getting tangled in the never ending rounds of who’s right.

Reflect on the great kindness of all beings

If you can step away from self-clinging for a while will give a fresh attitude, one that is diametrically opposed to self-centeredness. It is an open mind that replaces habitual self-concern with a genuine concern for the wellbeing of others. A mind bent on benefiting others is a fertile field where virtues grow in.

Cultivate deluded appearance as the four kayas. Emptiness is the unsurpassed protection

Deluded appearance refers to the fact that all the suffering and obstacles that are experienced are illusions, the deluded activity of a dualistic mind. When you really examine them, you will clearly see that they are all like a dream. You will discover that bad experiences are the most useful to help you recognize the unborn nature of mind.

Three views are like the treasury of the sky, the unsurpassed protection of the yoga.

The three views are: happiness, gratitude, and purity.

Mastering the four noble practices is the supreme method.

Develop the cause of happiness; abandon the cause of suffering; make use of harm from others; and bring help from the positive and powerful nonhuman living beings.

Whatever you encounter in the present, use it in your meditation.

Implement the Mind Training methods on every situation you encounter during the day. Good or bad, you can make it meaningful and useful to your practice