Milarepa Doha

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A Doha is a form of poetry and is often referred to as a song. According to the sutras, the disciples of the Buddha would sometimes compose spontaneous verses during his teaching sessions. Tibetan translators such as Marpa, the founder of the Kagyu lineage, brought the custom of composing dohas back to Tibet along with other tantric teachings. Marpa’s principal student, the yogin Milarepa, became the greatest Tibetan composer of dohas, expressing the teachings of all yanas in hundreds of songs

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Mahamudra Instruction  

I the Buddhist yogi see the essence

By just gazing nakedly upon it.

I see it beyond play words as the sky,

By letting it go,

I see the reality.

I realize the voidness nature of things,

By resting at ease in its entirety,

I relax, relax & come to the nature,

I let go, let go, come to purity.