Sunday Talks

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#1 – Meditation

#2 Form and Selflessness

#3 Serlingpa’s Advice To Atisha

#4 What Are Our Foundations?

#5 Why We Meditate.

#6 Love Devotion Surrender

#7 Space And Bliss

#8 Life Death Breath

#9 Insight Embedded  In Calm Abiding

#10 The three qualities of Mindfulness, Attentiveness and Carefulness

# 11 Thoughts Are Not Your Enemy


# 12 Peace

# 13 Deep Equanimity

#14 Clarifying the Natural State with Awareness and Gentleness.

#15 Simplicity

#16 The Supreme Continuum

Nothing whatsoever to remove from this
Not the slightest thing thereon to add
Properly beholding the true nature
When truly seen– Complete liberation


Buddha nature

#17 Beyond Delusional Hope

Hoping to escape suffering, they run straight towards it.
Looking for happiness, in their delusion they destroy their own happiness,
Shantideva in Bodhicaryavatara

#18 Get Ready for the White Waters of Life

#19 Right Effort

We have completely tired ourselves out, exhausted ourselves beyond our hopefulness. We realize that life is hopeless and that any effort we put in to gain further experiences is also hopeless. Then we get into a real understanding of the space between us and our goal. That space is totally and completely full. And that fullness is what is called faith… Faith here means dedication to and conviction in one’s own intelligence… You have trust in the basic truth of what you are, who you are.
Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in The Lion’s Roar, pp. 28-29.

#20 Right Livelihood

Never harm, always help.

#21 Calm Abiding, the Necessary Preliminary

#22 What is the Target, Who Holds It?


#1. Aimless Relaxation

#2.Illusion or Delusion?

Abiding in spacious alertness, it progressively dawns on us that all mental events are merely like a dream, thereby liberating the delusion of their objective reality source of all sufferings.